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Scrufah - Loofah Scrubbers

Scrufah - Loofah Scrubbers

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Scrufah by Oliver Flynn is your zero waste, non-toxic, sustainable and all natural choice for your scrubbing needs over traditional kitchen sponges made with plastic. Use it in the shower too as a body scrubber in lieu of the plastic loofah sponges!

  • All Natural & Non-toxic - Scrufah is made with two layers of  100% dried loofah. They are not dyed, bleached or treated with chemicals. So you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals coating your dishes or enter our water system.
  • Zero waste & Eco-Friendly - Loofah is compostable and biodegradable!
  • Versatile - Use it to clean dishes and baby bottles, to scrub veggies, as body scrubbers in the shower, or use it as soap lifts.
  • Sustainable - Loofah is a sustainable and hearty vegetable related to cucumbers that are grown in the warm climate. 
  • No scratches - Loofah becomes soft when wet and is not abrasive. It’s durable and has amazing scrubber power with it’s natural fiber, but won't scratch your non-stick pans or softer materials.
  • Package includes 3 pcs 100% natural Loofah Scrubber

How to use

Scrufah is dried and compressed when we ship it; in order to use it simply run under water for a minute and Scrufah will become soft and ready to be used for all your scrubbing needs! Scrufah pads are remarkably resilient and will provide roughly 2-3 months of continuous use. When you are ready to dispose of a Scrufah pad, please either remove the cotton strings and add to your home compost or dispose the entire thing in the industrial organic waste collection.

Care instructions

Rinse it thoroughly after each use and allow it to air dry in a well-ventilated area.

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  • All Natural & Non-toxic

    Scrufah is made with two layers of  100% dried loofah.

  • Non-toxic

    Not dyed, bleached or treated with chemicals.

  • Zero waste

    Loofah is compostable and biodegradable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Scrufah (purchased thru Etsy)

So far I’ve only been using this in the shower. Best scrubby ever!! Exfoliates yet is t too harsh on my face. Count on my being a regular customer for this and the conditioner bar. 🥰

Scrufah (purchased thru Etsy)

A total win, feel good purchase for environmental impact and kicks butt in cleaning my dishes.

All products

I am so beyond happy with every product I’ve purchased through Oliver flynn! The scrubs are fantastic and last and the dish soap works wonderfully and also lasts!! Cannot day enough wonderful things about the products!

Anastasia Aleksandrova
The only scrubber will ever need.

This is hands down the best kitchen sponge/scrubber I have ever used. I am never going back to the neon plastic sponge. This scrubber holds soap well and cleans your dishes is no time at all. I mostly had wash my dishes and each scrubber has lasted me a really long time without the smell you get from the regular sponges after a couple of weeks. Best of all is that i don't feel bad throwing it in the garbage when it's time because it will decompose.

Elly Han
I just did my Second order!

I usually wash dishes with hands unless we have a big feast. That's why I've used many different dishwashing sponges/scrubbers.
There's nothing like Scurafah. First, they last FOREVER. And it stays very clean, not like other sponges to get stained and soggy.
I used them to clean veggies, clean the sink, clean off plates and pots. You can use this for Everything. All natural as well!
I just made my second order. Totally recommend scurafah!