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Scrufah by Oliver Flynn is your zero waste, non-toxic, sustainable and all natural choice for your scrubbing needs over traditional kitchen sponges made with plastic. Use it in the shower too as a body scrubber in lieu of the plastic loofah sponges!

  • All Natural & Non-toxic - Scrufah is made with two layers of  100% dried loofah. They are not dyed, bleached or treated with chemicals. So you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals coating your dishes or enter our water system.
  • Zero waste & Eco-Friendly - Loofah is compostable and biodegradable!
  • Versatile - Use it to clean dishes and baby bottles, to scrub veggies, as body scrubbers in the shower, or use it as soap lifts.
  • Sustainable - Loofah is a sustainable and hearty vegetable related to cucumbers that are grown in the warm climate. 
  • No scratches - Loofah becomes soft when wet and is not abrasive. It’s durable and has amazing scrubber power with it’s natural fiber, but won't scratch your non-stick pans or softer materials.
  • Package includes - 3 pcs 100% natural Loofah Scrubber or order them unpackaged.

Pair these with our all-natural, handmade, four ingredient Scrub Scrub Bar. Thank you for joining our mission in reducing plastic waste; together we can live cleaner for a cleaner planet! 

How to Use

Scrufah is dried and compressed when we ship it; in order to use it simply run under water for a minute and Scrufah will become soft and ready to be used for all your scrubbing needs! Scrufah pads are remarkably resilient and will provide roughly 2-3 months of continuous use. When you are ready to dispose of a Scrufah pad, please either remove the cotton strings and add to your home compost or dispose the entire thing in the industrial organic waste collection.

Please note: Scrufah is an all-natural product and as such there will be some slight variations of thickness between pads. 

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