We are Oliver Flynn

Oliver Flynn is a women-owned, family business co-founded by two sisters, Kathy and Erine in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Our journey began four years ago when we became new mothers, driven by the aspiration to leave a cleaner, less-polluted planet for our children and future generations.

As individuals using plastic-free personal care products for years, our focus shifted when our kiddos, Flynn and Ollie were born. We started scrutinizing product labels more closely, feeling uneasy about certain ingredients commonly found in many items. This frustration led us to embark on a mission to redefine plastic-free haircare and personal care products, emphasizing safe ingredients.

All our products are thoughtfully crafted locally in the US. We take immense pride in crafting solutions that are not just environmentally friendly and highly effective but also safe for your entire family. We're incredibly excited to welcome you on this journey, aiming to make a greater impact together.