We are Oliver Flynn

...a team of two sisters based in Brooklyn, New York. The older sister Kathy is raising her son Flynn in NY while Erine and her son Ollie live in Taiwan. As recent mothers we wanted to limit our children's exposure to plastics and live sustainably. Soon we realized the scale of the environmental impact that humans are causing and really worried about what the state of the planet would be like for our children when they grew up.

The environmental challenges facing our world today are so dire and seemed to require such drastic change in our lives that we weren't sure where to begin. As our quest to reduce plastic waste in our lives continues, we believe taking one step at a time was the best way for us to live cleaner and reduce our environmental impact. We want to share those changes we've made with people so that we can all join together on this journey. 

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

We're just starting our journey, and would love to hear from you how you've taken similar steps to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.