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What people are saying:

"First off- I love that it's environmentally friendly and sustainable. I'm happy that I'm not putting harsh chemicals on my scalp. But most importantly, I like the way it makes my hair feel, and the fact that the bar lasts a really long time 5/5 stars. I'll continue using this product."

-Paul B

What people are saying:

"I am so beyond happy with every product I’ve purchased through Oliver Flynn! The scrubs are fantastic and last and the dish soap works wonderfully and also lasts!! Cannot day enough wonderful things about the products!"


What people are saying:

"Best shampoo bar I’ve ever used! Leaves my hair smelling fresh, feeling clean & soft. Works wonderful on my curly hair. I travel often so this is perfect!"


What people are saying:

”i've switched to this bar shampoo for 3 months and i can't be more happy with the result. it does a great job to clean the hair and the scalp and leaves a very healthy scalp after a month of use. It works so much better than Axxda shampoo that i 've used for years and it saves much more money. the best part of it is that i feel so much better that i don't have to throw away another bottle at the end of the shampoo life cycle. I am gonna order more and completely switch to this product.“


What people are saying:

"There are so many things I love about your Honey Citrus Shampoo Bar...it performs really well in my hair and I love the fragrance...it is so easy to travel with and is also environmentally friendly which is very important to me...an added bonus is that my husband likes it just as much as I do...what's not to love...Rate this shampoo A+"


Mindful Shipping Practice

Our packing materials are recyclable/compostable, including the stickers and tape we use; most of them are made with post-consumer recycled materials.

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Made With Care

At Oliver Flynn, we redefine everyday essentials with a focus on performance, sustainability, and well-being. As a family-owned business, we are dedicated to crafting products using safe, premium ingredients. We steer clear of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. Our plastic-free products are thoughtfully made in the USA and designed to provide exceptional results without compromising our family’s health. It's always our utmost belief that if it's a product we wouldn't feel comfortable using on our children, we can't sell it. Our commitment to this principle drives our mission to provide you with the highest quality, environmentally conscious essentials that are as safe for your family as they are for ours.

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