Bamboo Safety Razor

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Each year, more than 2 billion plastic razors are thrown away! Not only are plastic razors overwhelming our landfills and polluting Mother Earth, they are also very costly as a part of your shaving routine. Oliver Flynn's safety razor uses traditional double edge stainless blades that you can easily purchase from local pharmacies at a fraction of the price that you would pay for the plastic shaving razor cartridges. The box includes one bamboo safety razor and ten double edge blades to get you started.

Why you might consider switching to the safety razor:

  • Better for the environment- stainless double edge blades are made of stainless steel and is recyclable.  (Tip: start a blade bank using an Altoids tin or any aluminum tin for your used blades. Check with your local DOS and send used blades for recycling when the box is full). 
  • Economical: Each new double edge blade is good for 3-7 shaves. They are much cheaper than regular shaving razor cartridges.
  • Better shaving: Safety razors provides much closer shaves and doesn't cause ingrown hairs.  It's however very important to always use shaving foam or gel when shaving with safety razors so it doesn't irritate your skin. 
How to Use

To load a razor blade, untwist the head of the safety razor in a counterclockwise direction. Between the two halves of the head (for the bottom piece, make sure the rigid side is facing upwards), place a blade and screw the head back on tightly. If you see blades bending with the curvature of the razor head, you have successfully installed the blade.

Care Instruction

To clean, carefully remove the blade and wash the razor with soap. Once your blades have reached end of life, usually after 3-5 shaves, replace and dispose of them safely in a metal recycling bin.