eco-friendly shampoo bars for everyone

Looking for a better and greener alternative to your shampoo?

Did you know that in the United States alone, 550 million empty shampoo bottles are thrown away each year? Only a fraction of these get recycled, while most of them end up in the landfills. More over, water makes up 80-95% of your store-bought bottle shampoo and conditioner. We end up paying a lot of money for shipping water and plastic, when solid shampoo bars are small and compact with low carbon footprints!

Have you ever tried a solid shampoo bar? Maybe you've tried other solid shampoo bars but didn't like the way that they made your hair feel sticky and flat? Check out our demonstration below and see how easy it is to use our shampoo bar. It lathers up easily, and works just like the shampoo from a bottle! We believe once you've tried it, you'll ditch the plastic and never look back! 

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How to use a shampoo bar? 


Customer Reviews

My hair feels super clean without being dried out. And it lasts a long time. I just bought 4 more because I can't see myself using any other products to wash my hair.

Lillian on Oct 07, 2020
Best shampoo bar I’ve ever used! Leaves my hair smelling fresh, feeling clean & soft. Works wonderful on my curly hair. I travel often so this is perfect!
Tenn on Jan 10, 2021
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