How Balloons are Harmful to Our Environment

Raising my son in the New York City, a big part of their hot summer afternoons is spent in playground sprinklers. Water shooters, buckets and water balloons are just what a kid wants to cool down in a hot summer day. However those tiny pieces of broken balloons get washed off by rain down the drain and enter the oceans. They are so small and can get mistaken by the marine animals as food!
There are also those balloons that got released to the sky. They usually end up in the oceans, even if they were released far away from the ocean or waterways. Often time it’s mistaken for food and swallowed by marine animals. The strings can also tangle up animals. Other times balloons can get caught in trees, where they can entangle birds and other forest-dwelling animals.⁣⁣
What about those balloons that are advertised as biodegradable? They still take 6 months to a year to biodegrade, or longer in salt water. ⁣⁣Personally I would not get them either.
There are many plastic free alternatives to decorate a party. String lights can always make it feel/look festive. I also love using paper lanterns like this one.
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